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If you are locked out of your vehicle and unable to gain access, our auto locksmith can help. They have specialized tools and techniques to safely and efficiently unlock car doors, trunks, or other compartments without causing damage to the vehicle.

Locked Out of Your Car?

Our 24-hour expert locksmiths are prepared to assist you with all your emergency lock or key needs. All our technicians have access to advanced tools and equipment, so they can perform your key duplication, car key replacement, key fob programming service, or ignition repair on-site. When you are dealing with an unexpected automotive lock or key problem, give Speedy Locksmith CA a call. IMMEDIATE RESPONSE!

For which type of vehicle would you like keys to be created?

Lost Key Replaced

We can replace most domestic and foreign types of car keys from the 1950 to Present. The keyless entry system has gained popularity in recent years and has become the standard on most new cars. Key fobs are convenient but they could also be expensive to replace if they get lost or damaged. We offer an affordable and convenient alternative to dealerships and most locksmith services.

High Security Laser Cut Key

The milling of the high security laser key requires special equipment. If you only have one high security car key, get a copy now! Duplication of the laser key is affordable, but the origination of a laser cut key is more complicated. Our locksmith will have to cut the key by code and for newer autos we need to send a locksmith out to your vehicle and program the car to accept the key by syncing up to your car’s computer.

Transponder Chip Key Cut and Programmed

This is a key equipped with RFID (radio frequency identification) chip inside the key’s plastic head (making car theft by hot-wiring useless). Every transponder key is allocated a distinct serial number for both the transmitting and receiving components, ensuring that the signals are properly matched to their respective serial numbers. If you possess a vehicle produced within the past decade, its key will be equipped with a transponder chip.

At Speedy Locksmith CA, we could cut and program your new chip keys on the spot.

Lost Motorcycle Keys are Replaced

We are your go-to motorcycle locksmith for all your key replacement and lock rekeying needs. If keys are lost, stolen, or stuck in the lock, inform us of the make and model of your motorcycle and your location and we will dispatch one of our automotive locksmiths to get you moving again.

Our Locksmith Vehicles
  • Secure Storage: Our vans have compartments and drawers with secure locks to store tools, key blanks, and other equipment.
  • Workbench: A built-in workbench provides a flat surface for locksmiths to work on, allowing them to cut keys, rekey locks, and perform other tasks conveniently.
  • Key Machines: Our vans include high-security laser-cutting machines as well as standard house and commercial keys to duplicate keys or create new ones.
  • Key Blanks and Hardware: Our locksmiths carry a wide range of key blanks and hardware to service different types of locks in storage compartments with various key blanks, lock cylinders, pins, springs, and other necessary components.
  • Security Solutions: We often offer services beyond key cutting and lock repair. We carry additional security products like locks, parts for servicing safes/vaults, and access control systems.
  • Vehicle Security: Since our locksmiths deal with various security systems, our vans are equipped with additional security measures, including alarm systems, GPS tracking devices, and secure locks on doors and windows.

Broken Car Key Extraction

Is a car key stuck in the ignition? Car key extractions are normally required when a key is broken off within the lock of a car door, or when it is broken in the car’s ignition. It is important to leave the car key extraction to a trusted and qualified car locksmith. An unqualified individual might damage your car locks or your ignition. Call Speedy Locksmith CA  Today at 760-439-500.

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