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All lock types and lock brands. If you find yourself locked out of your house or apartment, give Speedy Locksmith CA a call. We will use special tools to unlock, replace, rekey, and reinstall locks, without any damage to your property.

Lock Rekeying

Lost Keys, Moving to a New Home, Tenant Changeovers, Key Control (you can rekey the locks and distribute new keys only to authorized individuals, ensuring that unauthorized copies of keys will no longer work). Our locksmith can assist you by:

Our locksmith will examine the existing lock and determine if it is suitable for rekeying. Most traditional pin-tumbler locks can be easily rekeyed.

Our locksmith will disassemble the lock and remove the existing pins and tumblers.

Our locksmith will replace the pins and tumblers with a new combination that matches a new key.

After reassembling the lock, our locksmith will test it with the new key to ensure it functions correctly. They may make any necessary adjustments to ensure smooth operation.

Our locksmith will provide you with a new set of keys that are compatible with the rekeyed lock.

Master Key System

A master key system is a locking system that allows for multiple keys to operate different locks while providing a single “master key” that can operate all locks within the system. It is a convenient and efficient way to manage access to multiple locks, such as in apartment buildings, office complexes, or hotels.

Designing and implementing a master key system can be complex and requires the expertise of a professional locksmith who specializes in master key systems. Our locksmith will assess your specific needs, develop a keying plan, and install the appropriate lock cylinders to establish the system.

R & R (Remove and Replace) New Locks

By opting for R & R New Locks, you can benefit from improved security, enhanced functionality, and the ability to control access more effectively. We will ensure the appropriate selection and installation of the new locks based on your specific requirements.

  1. Assessment: Our locksmith will assess the existing locks and determine the reason for replacement. This could be due to wear and tear, damaged locks, security concerns, or the need for a different type of lock.
  2. Lock Removal: Our locksmith will carefully remove the existing lock from the door or other applicable location. This may involve disassembling the lock and unscrewing or unlocking it from its mounting.
  3. Preparation: Once the old lock is removed, we will prepare the area for the installation of the new lock. This may include cleaning the mounting surface and ensuring it is free of debris or damage.
  4. Lock Replacement: The new lock is then installed in the prepared location. We will align the lock properly, secure it to the mounting surface, and ensure it functions smoothly.
  5. Keying: If required, our locksmith will key the new lock to match an existing key or create a new key for the lock. This step ensures that the new lock can be operated with the desired key or key system.
  6. Testing: After installation, we will test the new lock to ensure it operates correctly, smoothly, and securely. We will check the key’s functionality, the lock’s mechanisms, and ensure that the door or access point locks and unlocks properly.

Locks Repair

Much like everything else in this world, locks also need to be repaired and maintained from time to time.  The locksmithing industry has yet to create a lock that can stand the test of time and constant use. Lock repair is a service provided by our locksmiths to address issues with malfunctioning, damaged, or worn-out locks. When a lock is not functioning properly, it can compromise security or make it difficult to access a door or other locked item. Lock repair services aim to restore the lock to proper working condition.

Trusting a Professional for Key Duplication

We use precise machines that cut keys with extreme accuracy, ensuring that the new key fits perfectly into your lock without any issues. We know that many hardware stores and kiosks use outdated or low-quality machines that can result in poorly cut keys. These poorly cut keys can cause damage to your lock or even break off inside of it, resulting in costly repairs.

Smart Lock Installation

A smart lock is an electronic lock that allows you to control access to your home or property using various methods, such as a smartphone, keypad, or voice command. Smart locks offer convenience, security, and additional features compared to traditional mechanical locks.

One of the primary benefits of a smart lock is keyless entry. Instead of using a physical key, you can use a smartphone app, a PIN code, a key fob, or even biometric authentication (such as a fingerprint or facial recognition) to unlock the door.

Smart locks often provide remote access capabilities, allowing you to control and monitor your lock from anywhere using your smartphone or a connected device. This feature enables you to lock or unlock your door remotely, grant temporary access to guests or service providers, and receive notifications about lock activity.

Many smart locks can integrate with existing smart home systems, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple HomeKit. This integration allows you to control your smart lock through voice commands or automate lock actions as part of your smart home routines.

Smart locks often come with advanced security features, including encryption, tamper alerts, and activity logs. Some models offer geofencing, which can automatically lock or unlock your door based on your smartphone’s proximity.

Smart locks allow you to manage access for multiple users easily. You can create unique codes or virtual keys for family members, friends, or other authorized individuals. This eliminates the need to distribute physical keys and provides greater control over access.

Most smart locks are battery-powered, meaning they don’t require hardwiring and can be installed on various door types. The battery life varies depending on usage and the lock model but typically lasts several months to a year. Smart locks often provide low-battery notifications to ensure you’re aware of when it’s time to replace the batteries.

Some smart locks offer backup options in case of power outages or lock malfunctions. These can include physical keys, hidden keypads, or emergency power options to ensure you can always access your property.

Deadbolt Drilled & Installed

A deadbolt is a type of lock that provides enhanced security for doors. It is designed to resist forced entry and offers a higher level of protection compared to standard spring bolt locks. Deadbolts are commonly used in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Deadbolts are typically made of hardened steel or brass, providing strength and durability.

Types of Deadbolts: Single Cylinder Deadbolt, Double Cylinder Deadbolt, Keyless Deadbolt.

Deadbolts are typically installed above the latch lock on a door, providing an additional layer of security.

Deadbolts are often required by building codes and insurance providers to meet specific security standards. Compliance with these standards can help ensure the safety and security of your property.

Mailbox Locks Service
  • Lockout Specialty
  • Lock Installation: We can install new locks on mailboxes, ensuring proper fit and security. This includes replacing old or damaged locks or upgrading to more secure lock systems.
  • Lock Repair: If a mailbox lock is malfunctioning, our locksmith can assess the issue and perform necessary repairs. This could involve fixing jammed locks, replacing worn-out parts, or rekeying the lock.
  • Mailbox Security Solutions: We offer additional security solutions for mailboxes, such as installing anti-pry plates, reinforced locks, or upgrading to high-security lock systems.
Filing Cabinets Service
  • Lockout Specialty: If you’ve lost the key or combination to your filing cabinet and are unable to access its contents, our locksmith can help you gain entry. They have the tools and expertise to open locked filing cabinets without causing damage.
  • Lock Installation: Our locksmiths can install new locks on filing cabinets. They ensure proper fit and security, replacing old or damaged locks if necessary.
  • Lock Repair: If a filing cabinet lock is damaged or malfunctioning, we can assess the problem and perform repairs. This may involve fixing jammed locks, replacing worn-out parts, or rekeying the lock.
  • File Cabinet Security Upgrades: Our locksmiths can offer security enhancements for filing cabinets. These can include installing high-security locks, digital keypad locks, or electronic access control systems.

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